Compete with friends
and have a blast!

Our Community Climbing League is a positive opportunity for our amazing community to climb together and have fun.

By partnering with the developers of the Venga Climb App, we’ve created a simple process where climbers simply set up their account, climb on the new problems that are set every other week and use the app to log their progress. The app does the rest and calculates scores based on the number of climbs completed in the current set along with the level climbers push themselves within their division. The more dedicated you are to completing as many problems as possible will determine your success in the competition.

As this is the first time this app is being used for this purpose, participation is absolutely FREE for ALL Rock Spot Climbing Members and closed to the public.

The next session will kick off on Monday, February 10 and at the end of three (3) resets across six (6) weeks of climbing, the top performers will be selected to compete in Finals on Tuesday, March 24 for bragging rights and of course… fun!

This event is EXCLUSIVE to our Providence, RI location at 42 Rice Street on the West Side.

Kickoff Event

FEB 10


FEB 10 – MAR 22


MAR 24

VENGA! is powered by the VENGA APP

The VENGA app is required to participate in this event