First Visit?

Climbing is inherently dangerous and while we will give every new climber a full orientation of our facility along with our safety protocols to help climbers manage their risk, we want to make sure you are comfortable climbing with us. Every person on the climbing floor must have a waiver on file with us. If you have filled out a waiver at another Rock Spot Climbing facility we will have your waiver on file. Participants under the age of 18 must have a waiver filled out by a parent or legal guardian.

Athletic clothing opens your range of motion.

What To Wear?

We recommend wearing athletic clothing during your visit. Climbing shoes are required. You can wear climbing shoes with or without socks thin socks work better. Don’t have shoes? Rent shoes from us or purchase a pair from our retail shop.

Walk-ins welcome!

Visit our rates page to purchase a day pass and try out our gym for the whole day. For unlimited access to all Rock Spot Climbing locations, become a member and join our amazing climbing community. You can always upgrade a day pass to a membership so feel free to give us a try before committing and begin your climbing adventure with us today!

Purchase a day pass and check out our facility.

Day passes let you climb all day.

What is a Day Pass?

Day passes are a full day of climbing, enjoy our facility from open to close. Day passes are non-transferable, but may be used across multiple locations on the day of purchase. You can leave the facility and return at your leisure.


College / Military
Senior / 6 & Under
Without Gear Rental


Day pass
Without Gear Rental


One Time Shoe Rental
Climbing Shoes Required

About This Location

This facility is exclusively bouldering and training focused meaning it has no top rope climbing. Instead we focus on a form of climbing that is low to the ground with large, soft mats to fall onto. For a more traditional experience with taller walls visit our other amazing RI climbing facilities in Lincoln, RI or Peace Dale, RI.


With three main lots to park you should have no trouble finding a spot for your car. Park in front of the building on Rice St, in that lot in front of the pink and blue mural, or in the overflow lot off of Pearl St.

In front of Rock Spot Climbing on Rice St.

Off of B St, across from Rock Spot Climbing.

Off of Pearl St down the block from Rock Spot Climbing.